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Google Firestarters 8 - Scriberia Visual

Google Firestarters 8: The Agency Innovation Conundrum - The Event

The great and the good from UK planning were at last night's Google Firestarters event to hear 8 rapid fire talks on the subject of agency innovation from 8 of the smartest minds I know: Patricia McDonald, Anjali Ramachandran, Antony Mayfield, Phil Adams, Beeker Northam, Glyn Britton, Graeme Wood and Nadya Powell

I made a joke in my brief summing up at the end that it was going to be quite some task to attempt to capture even a part of the richness of thinking and ideas that we heard on the night. So much so that I'm going to take a little longer to digest what were 8 fantastic talks and write some more thoughts on it in due course. In the meantime, James has a few cogent ones here. But I did want to reflect some of the content and capture some of the (considerable) buzz around the event whilst it was still fresh. So I've put together a Storify of the event and have embedded it here. There are a number of the presentations from the evening within it (I'll update it as we go), and there's a great collection of Tweets and pictures which are well worth looking through.

My thanks to all the speakers for such great provocations (and they genuinely did follow my brief to be provocative), to John for our Firestarters branded Artefact cards which we had especially commissioned, and to Google of-course for hosting. And thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a great debate and such a great event. Watch this space for more about the next one.

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