Post Of The Month - February 2013 - Nominations
Post Of The Month - February 2013 - The Winner

Post Of The Month - February 2013 - The Vote

Crikey. Yet another great list this month so thanks for the nominations. We also have a double nomination (James Caig) which is a true POTM rarity. So, our vote this month is between:

Big Data - The Comedic Empty Vessel and Animal Spirits by Mark Hancock

A Tale Of Humility and Indifference by Martin Weigel

Keynesian Marketing and the Business of Confidence from Richard Huntingdon

On Writing Post-Fatherhood by Austin Kleon

We've Had The Speaker Pledge, What About The Attendee Pledge? from Will Roissetter

Wisdom of the Dead vs the Living from Helen Edwards

The Bottom Half of Culture by James Caig

Tortuous metaphor #287: Four Lessons Planning can Learn from Building Bridges by James Caig

And you can vote below:

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